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Utah Home Exterior Paint

By July 7, 2020Uncategorized

We recently painted the exterior of our Utah Summer home. We love how cohesive and bright the home feels. This home was built in 1970s and has a long history as a farmhouse. The original owners sold about 10 acres off and left the home stead on an acre here-which we bought 3 years ago.
There’s been so many updates inside the home, it was time to add a fresh coat of paint on the exterior to match all our hard work on the interior!

I picked the color White Dove, by Benjamin Moore for the house main, and Iron Mountain, by Benjamin Moore for the doors and shutters. I love how this color pulls deep brown to charcoal depending on the lighting.

The planter wall was an afterthought. As the home came together I realized we needed to paint the planter wall as well and it ended up making the biggest impact on the curb appeal.
Since this home serves as a summer home for us I didn’t want live trees that would inevitably die. The realistic, faux trees I found Can be found HERE.
I planted them with sand and soil to keep in place and they have withheld winds and storms well the past two weeks.

Let me know what you think about the update! Here’s  the exterior paint before with the old dark exterior.

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