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Spring Break Travel Essentials

By February 26, 2019Uncategorized

What I’m Packing

I am so excited to spend our spring break in Europe. We travel frequently, and love traveling with our kids. Today I’m sharing my spring break travel essentials; which are all carry-on friendly. Traveling over seas we are taking carry-on luggage for each member of our family; plus weekender bags, trying to cut costs on checking baggage.

Some of my spring break travel essentials are kid-geared; but there’s something for every traveler: woman, man, teen, or child. We are heading on a cruise, so I’m packing my favorite beach essentials-as many spring break travelers are!

Trying to wrap up visits with clients this week…I decided to order all my essentials on Amazon so I don’t have to spend any precious time at the store! All items I’ve linked will all get to you in time for your spring break travels, and most are prime/free shipping eligable!

Hope this helps you in your packing, and enjoy your spring break travels!
-xo Katie

My favorite carry-on suitcase

Ladies carry-on ready packed toiletry essentials

Men’s carry-on ready packed toiletry essentials

7-pack removable Suitcase organization . So easy to transfer directly to a hotel dresser.

Kids collapsible head phonesComes in 3 different colors

Selfie stick. So easy to get a family shot when no one is around to take a picture!

2-pack Water proof phone case HERE. We love these for beach and snorkel/underwater photos

Favorite carry-on, brunette dry shampoo 

Favorite carry-on blonde dry shampoo

Disposable camera 4-pack. I love giving my boys a disposable camera to use and develop after trips. It’s fun to see what they think is worth capturing.

Cruise/beach trip 2-pack goggles fit kids and adults

Baby monitor with camera. I love packing this for trips we don’t all fit in one room, like staying with family on opposite ends, of a different home…I can check in on my 4-year-old and has a two way speaker to chat if we need.

My Favorite swim suit cover-up.

I like packing a dress liner to wear this as a regular dress on beach and cruise trips too!

Off shoulder one piece swim suit. Comes in 4 colors

Please note I am an Amazon Affiliate and recieved a small commission from purchases you make from blog links; however these are all tried and true favorites I hope you love too!

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