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Nurse tip: remedies for minor sport injuries & work out recovery aides for muscle aches and pains

By February 24, 2020Uncategorized

Here’s my favorite go to remedies for treating minor sport-related injuries, and faster workout recovery solutions.  Typically I use this method for sport-related injuries for a little bit older and active kids, or for myself after a harder weight workout or long run when I’m feeling little aches and pains in my muscles, joints or ligaments. These remedies all work together to help aide in faster recovery and provide pain relief and decreased inflammation.  This method is best for for older kids (about age 8 and up) because the cream can cause irritation in eyes if they touch the injured area where cream was applied-then touch their eyes, nose, mouth, or any other highly absorbent membrane area on the body- so be aware the cream causes a tingling sensation and will cause burning to membranous areas. Wash your hands after applying the cream and use your best judgement when applying on your child. *always check for allergies before using any cream or medication!

 Achy joint, muscle & ligament remedy: apply small amount of sombra cream OR deep blue directly to the affected area, and massage into the skin. Wash your hands. Apply the tens unit electrode pads with the pads on the affected area or right next to it, (can use electrode cream to make more sticky) and turn on tens unit to a comfortable level-this should not be painful but a little shocking or tightening sensation feeling on the muscle-start at a low level and adjust higher to a comfortable level-if painful decrease the intensity or stop altogether. Apply ice while the tens unit is on for no longer than 15 minutes at a time. And use the typical RICE method for more serious injuries-as well as see a doctor. The RICE method for injuries that can be nursed at home  can be found in detail below this post, and is:

Rest, ICE, Compress (ace wrap), and Elevate (above the heart)=RICE. When icing, on initial injury start by icing for 15 minutes off for 15 for the first hour, then 30 min on, 30 min off for the second hour, then once an hour for the next 2 hours=4 hours total; icing no longer than 15 minutes at a time to prevent further injury to a bone from the cold. I typically proceed to ice twice a day or as needed after that.

When we get injured, it triggers and inflammatory response in the body-an inflammatory response is the bodies way of healing itself. Ultimately these remedies I’m sharing all work in the same manner-to decrease inflammation and sooth an achy joint, ligament, or muscle-and are safe try at home remedies.

I also like Deep Blue cream found HERE; it costs a bit more than Sombra, use one OR the other, but not both at the same time

Follow included instruction manual, I place electrodes all around and on the achy/sore area and adjust the strength to a comfortable level-starting at 0 and increasing up to your comfort level.

Then apply ice for 10-15 minutes either during the tens unit application or after using the tens unit-either works. Always wrap an ice pack with a towel or some other kind of barrier before directly applying to your or child to prevent bone damage from icing.

My favorite stuffed animal ice pack for little kids is found here-it can be hot or cold if you warm in the microwave, or place in the freezer. 

The cute stuffed animal-over a regular ice pack -I’ve found helps comfort little ones emotionally. (These are awesome warm by the way for soothing ear aches).

Additional supplements (for adult use) to aide in quicker recovery after a hard work out are: daily fish oils and Bio Astin taken together.

Fish oils I take are found here ( I take 2 a day):

Bio Astin here ( best absorbed if taken with a fat so i take the fish oils and this at the same time):

Last remedy: I love Epsom salt baths-especially after hard workouts and they also are safe for children to soak and reduce inflammation-or just detox. Your skin is the largest absorbent organ on the body so soaking in salts helps decrease inflammation, aide in faster recovery, and sooth those achy muscles, ligaments, and joints.

The Magnesium salt blend is great for sore muscles or achy joints and ligaments-magnesium is smooth muscle relaxer so the magnesium blend is great for sore muscles especially.

These Lavender salts with magnesium are also great for soothing achy muscles. If you like lavender & are ready for bed after soaking I recommend these-if  you just want a salt soak, I recommend the link above. 

These are solely home remedy tips I hope help while caring for your children-or yourself at home! As always, I  recommend asking a doctor before using any medication or products-and remember to check for allergies to all ingredients before use.

Other helpful information: Rice method from WVU Medical center

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