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Globe Light Update

By May 24, 2019Uncategorized

Lighting can completely transform a space. I’ve been slowly updating lighting around my own home, taking time in picking the look I want; but also using the most cost effective materials. The globe light update is sure packing a punch!

I’ve had a vision of globe light pendants lined up all in a row where my existing can lights were for a few years, and finally took the plunge when I found this darling globe light for such a great deal.  AND they only cost $49.95 each.

If you need convert a recessed can light, like we did, find the easy to install recessed light kits here; the manufacturer provides a really simple easy step- by-step video on this link of how to install the conversion kit. When replacing an existing can light, you can also have an electrician pop your current can light out and wire a flush mount directly—if the existing can diameter is less than the new pendant diameter—which is what i ended up doing on our hall lights!

I started with a recessed light conversion kit, put it in then realized I had the option of popping these out, and called my electrician ASAP. Ill be putting the recessed light conversions kit to good use in my laundry room!

We’re loving this simple transformation; and makes me happy to have one item crossed off the punch list in the entry update; next on the list is new trim and white paint.

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