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I love a good home furnishing dupe. I  typically splurge on high traffic items-like an area rug.  But, like with most families with children, rarely does the name brand version cost outweigh the benefit of a good savings in my house full of little boys (que balls thrown in house, rough play, and lots of accidental breaking of ALL the things).  So, I took my time researching the best deals for furnishings to incorporate in our new Hawaii beach house. I wanted high-end looks, for a fraction of the cost…and of course I want to pass these finds on to you; here’s the items I found!

Bar stool with back Serena & Lilly Dupe Target Barstool retails $269.99

Barstool with back Serena & Lilly Dupe retails at target 165.99

To compare Serena and Lilly stools retail $250-348 find Here

More dupes in my home

Rattan console retails $284.99 compare at anthropologie HERE for $1700

Island basket light $248.00 compare at pottery barn for $350

And my splurge living room rug source.  A good high quality, kid-friendly rug on our all hard wood floors was worth the cost to me with all my other great dupe savings.

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