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DIY Stair Runner

By February 11, 2020Uncategorized

My DIY video tutorial on how to install your own stair runner-in less than 30 minutes- can be found HERE on instagram (find my runner here). A few things to note: you don’t have to tack yours with finishing nails-I did because we rent our home in the summer; I decided to avoid any safety hazards and secure it in place. If you want this to be temporary use velcro only. If you want it to be permanent-or more long term-use 1 inch finishing nails to secure after you’ve installed the velcro-finishing nail holes are really easy to repair if I ever remove these-with a little filler and stain. You can use any runner rug-just measure and double check the length for your stairs before you order. The runners I ordered are 12 feet long, and I had to cut them down to size. This is a seriously easy project you can finish in less than 30 minutes!

What you will need
-velcro (click here) for the kind I used

-measuring tape (click here)

-runner; for my rug source, click here

-butter knife or flat head screw driver if you want to tuck the rug under your stair tread- & loctite-click here for loctite to glue down stair tread




nail gun and 1″ finishing nails find my favorite nail gun HERE

Good Luck & Be sure to tag me on instagram and show me your finished project-it always makes me happy!!

xo Katie

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