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DIY Halloween Garland

By October 13, 2018Uncategorized

My DIY Halloween garland has been lovingly adjusted and added to as we moved the past couple years. I’ve adjusted the length to fit varying door heights; and it’s stored well in an air tight container the past five years.

Its made of orange deco wired mesh, it’s easy to shape, and reshape, as you pull it out of storage each year. Which makes it a great decoration to enjoy for years!

DIY Halloween Garland

Materials needed:

  • 1-2 spools 10×30, orange deco mesh (buy here)
  • 1-2 spools fall ribbon of choice (brown, 0range, black, polka dot, buffalo check)
  • decorative Halloween caution tape
  • Halloween banner(s)
  • duct tape
  • 3 nails and hammer to secure garland
  • scissors
  • latter

1. Measure for Material

Measure your door from one base end, up and around your door to the other base end, to know how much garland and caution tape is needed. My door frame is 10 feet tall, so I ordered 2 spools of 10×30 deco mesh to cover my door frame. Be sure to add a few extra feet to your measurements to allow for a flowy, gathered look. I used 2 spools of brown, polka dot ribbon, and ordered one set of caution tape. 

Start unrolling the deco mesh spool around your door frame, to lay from the base of your door frame up and around your door, back to the base on the other side.

Then take your Halloween caution tape and do the same thing; unraveling it to lay from base of the door frame up and around the door to the base on the other side.

$19.99 for 60ft on Amazon

$5.99 for 40ft on Amazon

2. Secure deco mesh and caution tape with ribbon

Next, take ribbon and tie the plastic caution tape and deco mesh together with your fall colored ribbon in a knot. Gathering, and shaping the mesh as you go so the wire creates a cute, looped shape. Add a tie about every 1-1.5 feet. I also add a ribbon tie on either corner and middle at the top of my door frame. These will be used to easily secure the garland to your door frame at the end.

3. Add Halloween Banners

Next I add Halloween banners, centered over your door, and secure to garland with ribbon tied in a knot. Mixing in a few banners looks really cute. I mixed and matched a light-up bat banner, a burlap bat banner, and a “Happy Halloween” banner. My banners are older from target.

Here’s some cute banner ideas:

$9.00 at Target

$4.50 on sale at Target

4.  Secure Garland

Last, go around garland and use duct tape to secure the plastic caution tape to the deco mesh; so the letters are all visibly facing forward. To secure entire garland firmly to door frame, I add 3 nails on the top of my door frame molding on either corner and middle. Loop the knotted ribbon on all 3 nails to secure firmly to door frame.

5. Enjoy and be sure to tag me on social media, would love to see you work!

Shop the look links can be found HERE on my Fall Favorites post.

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