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DIY Faux Pantry solution using book shelves

By February 26, 2020Uncategorized

We were running out of space in the small double cabinet built in for food in our family of 6. I have a small area off my kitchen that houses a large window with a beautiful view that would have worked well for a built in bench nook, but as we’ve settled in I noticed it could also work well for a much needed pantry. I came up with lots of ideas and considered closing the window in with an enclosed pantry, but ultimately I didn’t want to loose lighting, or my mountain view out this window. I also wanted the most cost effective solution.

So, I came up with the industrial looking open shelves to place in front of the window that run $129.99 each- so this became a very affordable solution. I bought two of them and placed them side by side to allow light into the window, and my mountain view, while providing me with much needed open- pantry shelving!

Find Book shelves HERE

Inside the baskets I have extra bulk-size spices & olive oil, paper towels, extra cereal boxes, chips, crackers, and plastic baggies and straws. My containers are housing grains and flours, rice, beans, nuts, seeds, sugar, and my daily used items-like shredded coconut and hemp & chia seeds (we eat on acai bowls or as “cereal” for breakfast). I also placed plastic cereal containers on the bottom shelves for my kids to easily access-a hot commodity and frequent snack around here!

The trick to this looking good is investing in baskets and glass containers that look nice.  I will be labeling my baskets once my amazon prime delivery with a  label maker arrives to Hawaii in 5-7 business days…you heard that right Prime takes 5-7 days in Hawaii-be grateful for next day prime delivery my mainland friends -lol!

Happy organizing!! All my basket and jar sources are listed below.

xo, Katie

Pantry Sources:

Smaller Baskets

1 Gallon Jar click HERE

2 gallon Jar link click HERE

Label tags I used for baskets

Cabinet snack bins

Large round jute baskets

1 gallon PET Plastic Jars

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