Woven Table earned its name while sitting in Katie’s woven chairs around her kitchen table, speaking with her husband and friends on several occasions about her dreams, goals and aspirations for this company.

Katie received her Bachelor Degree in Science as a Registered Nurse, and has always enjoyed helping people.  She worked as a pediatric nurse while learning design, and found that interior design is her talent, and passion.

Katie started designing homes with her husband, Scott, buying and selling homes most everyone else had written off, “flop homes” that needed updating and lots of work. Her first project was her own, previously foreclosed home about a decade ago. It was in need of major work, with lots of hidden potential. She could see what most people couldn’t: what the home could become. Katie and Scott bought that flop home, and began renovating every inch.

Katie is based in Gilbert, Arizona. In-person services are available to the area, with e-design services and the online shop available nationally. Her work has earned attention from Downeast Basics.


As a working mother of four boys, finding time and money was certainly no easy task. Katie researched online tutorials and found DIY was her go-to route. She began to pick textiles, coordinate color schemes, add wainscot, shiplap, baseboards, install tile, paint, etc, and completely transformed that “flop” home. As she did, she discovered interior design was her talent, and passion. Her home was transformed and friends started wanting help with their own homes. Since then, she has become an interior designer for multiple families.

Katie specializes in room-by-room decorating, renovations and new builds. She works with clients and builders in the process of new build homes, and renovations; picking timeless materials suited to your taste, intricately designing one room at a time, so materials, layout, and colors flow cohesively. She helps with every step of the process picking lighting, faucets, flooring, cabinets, paint, trims and moldings, wallpapers, attractive built-in storage/TV entertainment centers and so much more.

Katie serves the greater US area with E-Designs sent via email for clients to shop emailed product links for self install.  She has begun receiving requests for out-of-state renovations and new build projects and looking forward to serving clients with inquiries on out-of-state, home consults. She truly loves what she does and her work reflects that.