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Katie’s Bath Picks

By April 8, 2019Uncategorized
Katie’s Bath Picks

For this round of “Katie’s picks” I thought I’d share what’s in my basket for my boys’ bath.

Currently I’m loving H&M’s affordable home line, esp the bath accents. The round rattan basket caught my eye and got me inspired to get their bath project going.

I’m all about frugality and function  these items are affordable and under $30.00

sources are linked below. I linked FAQ asked about set of 3 empty plastic Amber shampoo conditioner and body wash from project “mid century modern bath” HERE and below.

For my boys’ bath their shampoo bottles are similar but slightly different. Only item to note with the bath labels from my boys bath-be aware you have to purchase the amber bottles separately. I searched out non-breakable amber bottle options for my boys and linked the amber bottles to purchase separately from the waterproof labels. I also purchased her “set of 5” custom labels and have dish soap labels in my kitchen. Happy decorating! Remember to use #decoratemotivate and tag me on social media with any of your new goods!

Concrete waste basket HERE

laundry hamper HERE

Striped bath towel HERE

Storage Basket HERE

Waterproof Shampoo, Conditioner, etc set of 5 custom label options HERE

amber plastic PET bottles for custom waterproof labels HERE

identical set of 3; already labeled amber bottles from project #midcentrumodern bath HERE

bath Mat HERE

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